We want to make your special occasion memorable, we have collected information you should know before you book a face painter. Also, for your convenience we have compiled frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers at the bottom, but if your question is not answered please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Face Painting Friends we use the highest quality professional supplies, FDA approved for cosmetic use. The products we use include Mehron (Paradise/Star Blend), Wolf Brothers, Diamond FX and Tag. They are special water-based cosmetic "paints" made for face painting; you should ask before having face paints applied what products are being used.

Acrylic and craft paints are not meant to be used on skin and are not acceptable, nor are watercolor pencils or markers. Products not intended to be used on skin can cause a variety of issues ranging from discomfort to severe allergic reactions. When the product is marked "non-toxic" it does not mean is meant to be used on the skin.

Face paint can easily be removed by simply washing your face with mild or tear free soap. Do not rub off with a cloth when dry since it will set the paint into the pores. Some colors may linger due to high pigmentation, simply use baby oil or lotion and wash again.

-How many children can be painted in an hour?

The average of 10 to 12 guests can be painted in an hour.

-How old can the child be to be painted?

We do not encourage that children under 2 years of age get painted. I would also suggest getting a patch test done onto the inside of the elbow or wrist and then wait 45 minutes to see the results. If a child is unable to stay still or is scare to be face painted we will gladly offer a hand or a quick arm painting (if child does not resist). Face painting should be fun!

-How early can I book you?

Preferably a week in advance would be great. But if our calendar is open we can work you in. Contact us immediately and we will reply as soon as we can. Please be informed that if you book us for two hours and we are done in one in a half, you are responsible for the two hours.

-Do you request a deposit?

Yes, there is a $50 dollar non-refundable deposit when you cancel. When we receive your deposit we will turn down all bookings for the date you’ve booked. In all consideration we will make all efforts to reschedule if availability permits.

-What is the price and when do I pay?

Prices will be determined according to location, number of hours and type of event. We will have no surprises we will tell you exactly what it will cost you. Once your deposit is received we will lock that date of your event. Services will be confirmed when full payment is received. You can pay immediately thru pay-pal or mail in your check.

It can be challenging to get a hold of the contact person at the end of our services. In this manner we can arrive and leave on schedule without a disturbance to your event.

-Will I receive a confirmation or reminder when I pay?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation that your payment is received. You will also get a courtesy reminder via electronic mail a day before your event and this will serve as an opportunity to inform us if your event is on schedule.

-Would you donate your services?

My service at this time is not a fun hobby but a business and just like any business I pay taxes, materials and gas. While I am unable to donate my time and materials for free, I can provide special discount rates for your event and non-profit organizations. I would love to help with your fundraising efforts! Please contact us and we will try to work with you.

-What do I need to provide?

Space and protection from sun or cold weather, you also need to assign someone to keep control of painted children. Artist will be responsible for painting guests only.

Also, we recommend that you provide easy access to set-up location. Any information we should be aware of such as flight of stairs. Anything you think we need to know.

-My child has a cold sore or has cuts on his or her face, can they still be painted?

The guest will be treated with sensitivity and offered an alternative instead. I will offer them something on their arm or hand instead. I do not paint a guest with a cold sore, open wound or continuously runny nose. I follow strict health guidelines to avoid the spread of potential germs and infections. Let’s keep the children safe and healthy.

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